Sylvia Orozco Visits from Mexic-Arte Museum

The Executive Director of the Mexic-Arte museum in Austin, Sylvia Orozco, visited Port Salerno Elementary School this week!  She spoke to the children about creating the museum and following your dreams.  Ms. Orozco told the children of her passion for art and collecting, and how it started as a young girl.  In addition to illustrating how powerful a personal vision can be, she took the kids behind the scenes of the museum.  The PSE students examined actual artwork from one of the artists exhibited at the Mexic-Arte museum and they learned about the various staff roles needed to run a museum.  She then helped the PSE students start their own PSE museum!  The children eagerly volunteered to participate and Ms. Orozco selected staff for the museum. They had a wonderful time creating the museum!

The mission of Eli’s House and PSE is to show the extraordinary opportunities the world offers.  As our authors Carl Hiaasen, James Patterson, and others, have shared stories of how their love of writing in childhood translated into careers as authors, Ms. Orozco showed the PSE students how her love art and collecting translated into a career as the director of an art museum.  We are delighted to bring these opportunities to the PSE children and look forward to seeing where their interests take them!

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