Port Salerno Reads

Eli’s House believes that the education of children takes place both in the classroom and at home.  That’s why we have created our latest initiative, Port Salerno Reads.  Designed to support children’s reading and learning at home, and to ease the burden on parents, Port Salerno Reads provides home libraries and reading opportunities for Port Salerno Elementary School children.

Our pilot program will start in the 2015-16 school year where 1st and 2nd grade children will receive home libraries.  Many of the books in the children’s home libraries will feature authors from our Speaker Series, to further enhance the connection between school and home.

Pat Harvey, Principal of PSE, says of the program:

It is so exciting to know that the Port Salerno Reads project will provide home libraries for all of our grade one and two students.  This will not only impact the children and their access to books, but it will provide family access to books that they would not otherwise have had.  The availability of books to the whole family will also be an asset in allowing our students to read to their pre-school siblings which will support building their language skills.  We know that children can lose up to three months of reading levels over the summer if they are not reading.  So the Port Salerno Reads project will provide books for access not just during the school year but during the holidays and summers when students are not in school.  Eli’s House continues to change the lives of our families, and this is an initiative that will touch every member of the families involved.