Interview with Wesley King, Writer-in-Residence

Wesley King will be our writer-in-residence at PSE this Februrary and we are thrilled!  He will be working with the fourth and fifth graders over several days.  While we are anxiously awaiting his arrival, we couldn’t resist asking him a few questions about his work and upcoming visit.

I read that you wanted to be a Star Wars Jedi when you grew up.  How does being a writer compare to that?

That is definitely true. In fact, I actually used to train to be a Jedi when I was a teenager (don’t ask). Being a writer is the only other job I can imagine, because I get to immerse myself in the adventures I always dreamed of. On a typical day, I might journey through space, fly on a dragon, or simply get to walk for a while in someone else’s shoes. The fact that I get to take readers along with me just adds to the excitement. In short, I love being a writer…but I would still totally become a Jedi if I had the chance.

Tell us about some of your favorite superheroes/characters that you have created in your books.

I have a few characters that really stick out for me. I loved writing about Hayden in The Vindico and The Feros, because he has such a confident, dry humor that I enjoyed exploring. Jonah in The Incredible Space Raiders (From Space) was also a character I loved, because he had this great honest naivety that made everything seem so real and thrilling. And I am excited to introduce a few new characters this year: Marcus and Dree from Dragons vs. Drones and Daniel from OCDaniel, who is based very much on my own childhood.

Can you give us a sneak-peak into what your visit will be like?

First and foremost, we’re going to celebrate reading and writing and the limitless potential of our creativity. I love to work with students on developing their own ideas and reminding everyone that we all have the ability to create truly unique art and stories. We’ll do some activities, play some games, and see if we can perhaps inspire the next generation of writers in Port Salerno.

If you could give our students one superpower, what would it be?

Great question! I think the one superpower we could all use, if only for an hour or a day, is telepathy. What a great world we would live in if we could sense the difficulties and emotions and challenges of the people around us, and finally understand that we are all so very much alike. Plus we wouldn’t need to text all day on our cell phones anymore, and that would be awesome.

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